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IT Security

Network Security defines the activities that a company or organisation takes to protect its network and its data. It is a basic requirement for all businesses. Threats to a company’s network are many but the most common are spread over the internet.
These include:

• Viruses, Worms & Trojans
• Data interception & theft
• Spam • Computer Hackers
• Spyware, Malware & Adware
• Data interception & theft

Stop email attacks while concealing critical messaging gateways and shielding email servers. Our email security and continuity works in the cloud to block over 99% of spam, malware, viruses, worms, phishing scams, spyware, ransomware and fraudulent emails outside your network. Securing emails means better overall cyber security for your business.

Endpoint security systems protect computers and other devices on a network or in the cloud from cybersecurity threats. Endpoint security has evolved from traditional antivirus software to providing comprehensive protection from sophisticated malware and evolving zero-day threats.

Strategic testing and assessments are necessary to identify shortfalls, vulnerabilities and other areas for improvement. All Covered provides a number of assessment services, such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, that can help you learn where gaps may expose your company to risks.


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